Companies invest significant amounts in selection of students from campuses but are challenged to ensure all selects join and those joining progress to becoming productive employees. Our proprietary survey has shown that

  • 45% of the students receiving an employment offer on campus do consider a second option.
  • 35% of students who do not join the company that offered them on campus do so as they feel they are “out of touch” and “not engaged”.

EduNation Services partners its clients by offering solutions which help to support engagement and monitoring of all selected students to ensure they transition from a trainee to productive employee.

Advantages to Client


(1) Increased Conversion

The service ensures increased ratio of


Select to Joinee


Trainee to Employee

(2) Knowledge Management

A repository of information and experiences is captured in a set dash board with key learnings and is maintained for the clients use.

The Services


On Boarding


The service is offered in the duration from between a students accepting the employment offer and completing their Induction program. The sub parts of this service include.

(1) Student Engagement

EduNation Services partners its clients by running programs that help regularly engaging selected students. This is done by a combination of updates and planned interactions to build a regular connect with each student.

(2) Monitoring & Tracking

Execution of all pre-employment essentials and its recording and monitoring along with query resolution from selected students as well as communication management.




A service offered to help transition the candidate from Trainee to Productive Employee. We partner our clients in.

(1) Program Design

Our team of experienced experts works with the client to create robust programs for trainees joining the company that are designed to provide a business and functional exposure in a live business situation. Dovetailed into this program is an evaluation and feedback system created to measure the trainees progress at each stage and guide them to reach their best potential.

(2) Monitoring & Tracking

We provide support for recording the progress of each trainee while also evaluating the effectiveness of the program.