A service in which the entire recruitment process of hiring fresh graduates and post graduates from identified colleges is managed by an external partner on behalf of the company.

It spans the entire breath of the recruitment process starting form talent pool identification to campus connect and management of the recruitment process including selection facilitation till the student is selected as a trainee.

Advantages of Campus Recruitment Outsourcing


(1) Strategy Focus

This enables the client to focus their efforts on strategic aspects of selection and building the employer brand.

(2) Larger Talent Pool

Working with a team of experts having a deep understanding of colleges and their quality of students, EduNation Services provides clients a larger and more geographically distributed set of colleges within a reputation band.

(3) Knowledge Management

A repository of information and experiences is captured in a set dash board with key learnings with data mining and is presented to clients for future use.

The Services


Campus Identification


A scientific process of selecting the most suitable from the list of available Institutes offering a particular course, within a reputation band. This comprises of 2 parts


College Reputation Banding


Campus Selection

(1) Reputation Banding

This an objective process of categorizing educational institutes offering a particular course based on each colleges reputation – as derived from the quality of students, academics and the industry opinion of graduating students.

(2) Campus Selection

The final process of selection of a college/institute based on parameters specific to a company. The process considers a combination of factors derived from profiling of the graduating batch, placement dates in conjunction with the client campus recruitment strategy.


Process Management


This refers to management of the complete recruitment process at identified campuses for a particular program.

Key features include

(1) Opportunity Identification

Announcing the program and Invitation of student Applications.

(2) Application Management

Management and Receipt of Applications including short listing to arrive at a final list of students who are to undergo the selection process.

(3) Program Participation

Communication to student shortlisted for the selection process on the stages, evaluation tools and the clients expectations to ensure each student is at their best in the selection process.


Selection Facilitation


This comprises

(1) Logistic Support

For On-campus / Off – campus drives.

(2) Maximizing Student Participation

A detailed exercise to ensure –

  • Maximum Participation.
  • Complete clarity on the opportunity and maximized participation of shortlisted students.

(3) Post Selection Confirmation

Outcome announcement and administrative support for confirmation of each selected students acceptance of the employment offer.

A process to regularly engage the selected students so as to maximize the ratio of offer to joining.